Themes of conflict

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Year 9 English Mind Map on Themes of conflict, created by Lauren B on 11/23/2016.

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Themes of conflict
1 Sonnet 43
1.1 No themes of conflict for the majority
1.2 "I love thee with a love I seemed to lose"
1.2.1 Shows emotional conflict maybe
2 The Voice
2.1 It's about a lady who gets in touch with an old boyfriend saying that she's changed
2.1.1 "You are not as you were"
2.1.2 "changed from the one who was all to me" He knows she's changed, but doesn't know if that's what he wants because she was all to him
2.2 "Through the thorn"
2.2.1 Physical conflict
2.3 "But as at first, when our day was fair"
2.3.1 Used to be good, but now there not
3 Time
3.1 Everything is just time, yet it still exists, all your memories are time
3.1.1 Could cause emotional conflict in the reader as it can change your view on life
4 First Love
4.1 You lose your heart to the one you love
4.1.1 "My heart has left it's dwelling place and can return no more" Emotional conflict While love may seem amazing, it can actually be bad He lost his heart to her "Stole my heart away
5 Marrysong
5.1 Love is constantly strange and changing
5.1.1 Emotional conflict One day love can be great and the it can be terrible "Cool water laughing where the day before there were stones in her voice."
6 Report to wordsworth
6.1 Physical conflict
6.1.1 "Smothered"
6.1.2 "Dying"
6.1.3 "Sunk"
6.1.4 Struggle
6.1.5 "Choked"
6.1.6 "Kill"
7 Dover beach
7.1 War conflict
7.1.1 "Ignorant armies clash by night"
7.2 Emotional conflict
7.2.1 "Land of dreams, so various, so beautiful, so new, hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light." It seems so beautiful, yet the world is actually a bad place
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