The Solitary Reaper

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The Solitary Reaper
1 context
1.1 poet - William Wordsworth
1.1.1 believed in Pantheism being at one with nature improves relationship with God
1.1.2 Romantic emotion and intuition over reason and intellect
1.1.3 'nature is the music of humanity'
1.1.4 'the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'
1.2 time written - 1807
2 literary techniques
2.1 ballad form
2.1.1 alternates between lines of iambic tetrameter/trimeter (s/6 syllables)
2.1.2 traditional form = traditional work
2.1.3 usually a song echoes content of poem tells epic events - elevates the reaper
2.2 shifting focus of stanzas
2.2.1 first - imperatives
2.2.2 second - declaratives
2.2.3 third - interrogatives
2.3 alliteration
2.4 archaic language - 'yon', 'ne'er'
2.4.1 reminder
2.5 apostrophe - 'O listen!'
2.5.1 strong outburst of feeling
2.5.2 overwhelmed
2.6 religious term - 'Behold her'
2.6.1 utmost repect
2.6.2 adoration
2.7 sibilance - 'silence of the seas'
2.7.1 almost onomatopoeic
3 theme of work
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