The Voice Record Project / Voices of the moment database

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Voices of the moment database

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The Voice Record Project / Voices of the moment database
1 Plan in USA
1.1 Research of Population
1.1.1 Ann Arbor 116,100 Pittsburgh 306,500 cleveland 390,900 was 9,000,000 Chicago 2,715,000 Los angeles 3,855,000 3,176 /km2 Hong kong 7,184,000 6,544 /km2 4,447 /km2 1,971 /km2 2,140 /km2 1,580 /km2 Density ~/km2
1.2 Other Special Points
1.2.1 1. People down walk on the street. meet cars more than people.
1.2.2 2. Every things in Mega size Huge people, Huge truck, Huge place, Huge road , Huge Burger.
1.2.3 3. about the Cities Ann Arbor Many shops, Many Chinese, Many Chinese food Famous University Pittsburgh Was a steel City Cleverland connected to numerous canals and railroad lines. Was a large Industrial City Chicogo the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles.
2 Basic Require Elements
2.1 1.Relation of "Identity"
2.1.1 2. Communication 3. Fusion 4. Invoment
3 Goals of works
3.1 1. Could inspire people
3.1.1 2. Connect the Community 3.Record the moment of the people & city 1.To remind people the moment of living, the moment of the city. 2. Every moment are remarkable. Don't wait until the death-line come. 1. Make A different experience to feel the people who are near by. 2. Create bonding of each other.
3.1.2 1. Discover themselves more, the inner part of you and me. How do you rank yourself? How do you present yourself? Who are you?How do you describe yourself?
4 Possible Ways of the Project
4.1 Plan1. Original
4.1.1 People get in a room one by one. Receive the mission.Make a record. Pass though another room of voice collage. A room allow more people to stay. Editional object: Heatbeat Monitor Machine Heat beat graph draw by the vocies souvenir
4.2 Plan2. Spiritual
4.2.1 Spiritual Excerise Idiviually Back to plan 1 in Group people set together in a circle People make voices in the same time in their own way,communication directly Christian meditations mental exercises clear our mind rest ourselves make deeper reflection Same Religion Backgroud Christiran andCatholic Prayer room Confessional
4.3 Moving Project on a Truck
4.3.1 Bring the city to the people
5 Idea Background
5.1 City are fading one by one.
5.1.1 Doing something before the death come Record the livings, the city The history.
5.2 Let the people experience the feeling of being together.
5.2.1 Every identical party group together could call city. People won't die because of the death of city,But a city will die because of losing people.
5.3 Try to do something before it is too late.
5.3.1 Every moment is history
5.4 Voices
5.4.1 Represent of the living people or creature. Vibrate in the air contant movement with identical pitch and frequence
5.4.2 Direct way of communication