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1 Iris scanning
1.1 Compares the iris to the stored copy of your original iris to find a match
2 Fingerprint recognition
2.1 The user simply puts their index finger on the sensor and the computer systematically matches the fingerprint to one in the database
3 Palm print recognition
3.1 The user keys their ID number and then puts their hand on the reader to unlock the door
4 The recognition of an idividual by a unique physiological or behavioural characteristics
5 Advantages
5.1 Biometric method of identification is unique to the individual and is more reliabe then traditional security methods
5.2 They cannot be lost or copied
5.3 No passwords are needed or any access codes as it is all scanned
5.4 Mobile devices can run applications to use the camera as an input device for facial recogntion
6 Disadvantages
6.1 Concerns about biometric characterisitics for privacy reasons
6.2 Biometric scans are not 100% reliable meaning there could be rejection of someones actual identity
6.3 They can be affected by amibent conditions
7 Normally used for a method of identity recognition of an indivudual
7.1 Can be used for access control
7.2 Uses a persons physical characteristics as a unique identifier
7.3 Includes iris, palm print and fingertip recognition
8 Speaker recognition
8.1 This includes typing rythm aswell
8.2 Matches the users voice to a speaking patteren

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