Top 5 of Classroom Management Tips

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Classroom management tips

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Top 5 of Classroom Management Tips
  1. Use a normal, natural voice
    1. Do not shout! You lose your voice
      1. Differentiate your tone
        1. Be sure to use the appropriate tone to question, ask them to do something, and call their attention
      2. Speak only when students are quiet and ready
        1. Just wait and then wait some more until all students are quiet.
        2. Use hand signals and other non-verbal communication
          1. Holding one hand in the air, and making eye contact with students is a great way to quiet the class and get their attention on you
            1. Flicking the lights off and on once to get the attention
              1. Try clapping your hands three times and teaching the children to quickly clap back twice.
              2. Address behavior issues quickly and wisely
                1. You and the student should step away from the other students,
                  1. Don't accuse the child of anything
                    1. You must address bad behavior during your instruction
                    2. Always have a well-designed, engaging lesson
                      1. If you don't have a plan for them, they'll have one for you
                        1. Bored students is the same as disaster
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