Ethical issues when conducting ethnographic research

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Ethical issues when conducting ethnographic research
1 Informed consent
1.1 Ensuring you have permission from participants to include them in study
1.1.1 Consent forms
1.1.2 Contracts
1.1.3 Explain every aspect of what they will be expected to do
2 Confidentiality and anonymity
2.1 Keeping personal details secret so their identity cannot be known
2.1.1 Not including names
2.1.2 Only askign for details that are essential for study
3 Anticipating harms
3.1 Is potential harm too high?
3.1.1 Is it worth the harm for the experiment?
3.1.2 Conducting pseudo controleld experiments with no risks
3.1.3 Will I be in danger? Interfering with culture e.g. influencing the views of females: danger
4 Protecting research participants and honouring trust
4.1 Will being part of the study put them in danger?
4.1.1 Learn the culture
4.1.2 Do not force them to give information
4.1.3 Respect rules
4.2 Become trustworthy in their eyes
4.2.1 More llikely to give information
4.2.2 Show you do not mean harm Join in with culture; help with work
5 Deception
5.1 Covering up tue intentions of study
5.1.1 May be necessary for covert observations Will this put me in danger if I am discovered? Produce more natural observations Avoid Hawthorne effect
6 Right to wirthdraw
6.1 Making participants aware they can leave from study at any time
6.1.1 Briefing before study starts
7 Ethical regulations
7.1 Learn before leave
7.1.1 Association of Social Anthropolgoists
7.1.2 Commonwealth Code of practise
8 Participation in illegal/immoral activities
8.1 Gang member for a day
8.2 May lose trust
9 Becoming involved in problems of people
9.1 Leaving Western beliefs behind
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