Case Study 13-Steel industry (Secondary sector)


Secondary or tertiary sector): reasons for changing locations and the social, economic impacts of this change. Study at a local/regional scale
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Case Study 13-Steel industry (Secondary sector)
  1. Where?
    1. South-West Wales, North of Cardiff
    2. What?->People
      1. Large scale unemployments
        1. Villages lost their purposes
          1. Community spirit declines and crime increases
            1. Migration to cities increase
      2. Why?
        1. At 1970- Steel and Coal started to decline in the stock market
          1. You needed Iron ore, Limestone and coal to make Steel
            1. Coal mines started to close down after decline of Coal in the market
              1. British empire ends
                1. Steel work moved to India
                  1. It is because of they are a Ledc country as they labour costs are cheaper so [Wagers Lower= Cheaper Iron]
        2. Economic
          1. Negative Multiplier Effect
            1. Lost of Industry-> Lost of jobs and etc.
              1. Governor of the Welsh development agency encouraged investment in the region to create jobs.
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