Half Broke Horses Lily

Angelina Koch
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Angelina Koch
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Mind Map on Half Broke Horses Lily, created by Angelina Koch on 11/30/2016.

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Half Broke Horses Lily
  1. childhood and youth (1901-1919)
    1. dugout in Salt Draw
      1. natural disasters, serious diseases
        1. she does not give in, helps her sister and brother to cope as well
        2. Catholic school in Santa Fe
          1. her father has wasted the money for the tuition fees on dogs
            1. job as a replacement teacher (war)
              1. men return fom World War 1 --> Lily is dismissed as a teacher
                1. life in a big city (Chicago)
            2. years as a teacher and a young wife
              1. time in Chicago (1919-1928)
                1. is on her own in a big city
                  1. finds a place to stay, searches for a job, Minnie
                  2. hates the arrogant way she is treated as a maid
                    1. takes evening classes to get a high school diploma (better future)
                    2. death of Minnie
                    3. at the end (1943-1956)
                      1. 1934-1939
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