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GCSE IT Mind Map on GCSE ICT KEY WORDS, created by Lewis Roberts on 04/04/2014.

Lewis Roberts
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1 Internet
1.1 Latency
1.1.1 Latency is the measurement of delay of an internet connection. It is the time in milliseconds between a bit leaving one device and arriving at the other. Measured in bits per second.
1.2 Router
1.2.1 Conntect a LAN to WAN.
1.3 Bandwith
1.3.1 Measurement of capacity of an internet connection. It is the number of bits that can go through the network connection in one second. Measured in bits per second.
1.4 Wireless Security
1.4.1 Set an acess key/password.
1.4.2 MAC Filtering
1.4.3 Hide SSID
1.5 Network
1.5.1 Devices connected together to allow communtication and to exchange data
1.6 Cloud Computing
1.6.1 A system in which all computer programs and data is stored on a central server owned by a company and accessed virtually.
2 Location Services
2.1 Geo Tagging
2.1.1 Adds GPS co-ordinates to the images for reference or social networking apps.
3 Email
3.1 IMAP
3.1.1 Emails pushed directly to phone/copy of mail is kept both on client and server.
3.2 POP
3.2.1 Requries users to acess email via an internet mail account/ mail deleted from server when sent to client.
4 Online Dangers
4.1 Malware
4.1.1 Software that is desgined to cause problems for users
4.2 Phishing
4.2.1 A form of internet fraud that steals valuable information
4.3 Firewall
4.3.1 A system designed to prevent unauthorised access to your computer when connected to a network such as the internet
4.4 Spyware
4.4.1 Software that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge which collects information about logins and passwords and sends details to another computer on the internet.
4.5 Encryption
4.5.1 For security,data is translated into a secret code

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