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Synonyms for old


Cambridge IGCSE English Mind Map on Synonyms for old, created by Aisling Tuffy on 04/04/2014.
Aisling Tuffy
Mind Map by Aisling Tuffy, updated more than 1 year ago
Aisling Tuffy
Created by Aisling Tuffy over 8 years ago

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Synonyms for old
  1. Ancient
    1. Antiquated
      1. Archaic
      2. Elderly
        1. Senior
      3. DECREPIT
        1. Shabby
          1. Detriorating
            1. Run-down
              1. Battered
            2. Crumbling
              1. Timeworn
              2. Old-fashioned
                1. Outdated
                  1. Obsolete
                    1. Relic
                      1. Out-of-date
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