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1 future will
1.1 make predictions with
1.1.1 think:I think that I will eat choclate
1.1.2 perhaps she will study tomorrow
1.1.3 she will probably eat dinner late.
1.1.4 I believe that i will be smarter
1.2 use:
1.2.1 spontaneous decisions:I will take the choclate
1.2.2 promises: I promise I will study hart.
1.2.3 offers and requests: I will do the washing up
1.2.4 threats and warnings: you will not do the mistake againe
1.3 s+will+bes v
2 future going to
2.1 s+going to+bes v
2.2 ues
2.2.1 future plans: I am going to travel next month.
2.2.2 predictions based on evidence:look! it is going to rain
2.3 time expressions
2.3.1 tomorrow
2.3.2 tonight
2.3.3 next (month,week,year)
3 future progressive
3.1 s+will+be+v(ing)
3.2 use
3.2.1 actions that will be in progress at a specific time: I will not be travelling , at 6 o,clock tomorrow
3.2.2 duration of an action: I will be sleeping all day
4 future perfect
4.1 s+will+have+v(p.p)+T.E
4.2 to tal; about actions that will be completed before a specific time or another in the future.
4.3 I will have travelled by the time you come.
4.4 time expressions
4.4.1 by the time
4.4.2 by then
4.4.3 before
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