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Production names.


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Production names.
  1. Lullaby Productions.
    1. 'lullaby' - connotes scary, as the word lullaby links to babies, and as it is a horror production, it is scary to think a baby could be linked to it.
      1. Lullabies can also be a key convention as they could be used as background music for horror films as they can convey scariness which then intrigues the target audience to not want to watch it, but they all do at the same time.
      2. Rocking Horse Animation
        1. Rocking horse uses the convention of being a main aspect of a good horror film, as that is one of the key conventions that make it scary and that intrigues people as they are so common in horror films. however they also still tend to scare people.
          1. The word 'production' with the words 'rocking horse' create a certain effect of what the film could in-tale and what it could include to interest itself towards the target audience.
          2. S.O.S studio.
            1. 'S.O.S' connotes help, and people in horror films usually need help in some way or another as they are either being haunted or need help with something they are having trouble with that is deathly.
              1. The fact that it says S.O.S also is something that will interest the audience as to why they feel as though they are in need of S.O.S, and what could possibly happen in this film.
              2. Horror House Animation studio.
                1. Horror house production is a good name for a company advertising a horror film as it states what it includes within the name, and broadens the meaning of 'horror house'.
                  1. This name could interest the target audience and also create a secondary audience as it has more of a meaning that what it originally shows, as do horror film so they all link together to create intensity.
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