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Superior English (Quantifiers) Mind Map on Quantifiers, created by Iedo Brito on 04/06/2014.

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1 Large Quantities
1.1 a lot / a lot of
1.1.1 (+) sentences They have a lot of money She has lots of friends
1.1.2 Use a lot when there is no noum He talks a lot He eats a lot
1.2 much / many
1.2.1 In general (-) and (?) a lot CAN also be used
1.2.2 Do You watch much TV?
1.2.3 There aren't many cafés near here
1.3 Plenty
1.3.1 (+) sentences
1.3.2 mean "as much as we need"
1.3.3 Don't run we have plenty of time
2 Small Quantities
2.1 little
2.1.1 Uncountable noums
2.1.2 Do you like cinema? Just a little
2.2 few
2.2.1 plural countable noums
2.2.2 The town only have a few cinemas
2.3 a little / a few
2.3.1 some, but not a lot
2.3.2 Do you want some ice cream? Just a little
2.4 very little / very few
2.4.1 NOT much / many
2.4.2 Hurry up we have very little time
2.4.3 I have very few close friends
3 More than you need or want
3.1 too + adjective
3.1.1 This city is too big
3.2 too much + uncountable noum
3.2.1 There is too much trafic
3.3 too many + plural countable noums
3.3.1 There are too many tourists
4 Less than you need
4.1 Enough
4.1.1 before a noum There aren't enough parks
4.1.2 after an adjective The buses aren't frequent enough
5.1.1 much
5.1.2 little
5.2.1 many
5.2.2 few
6 zero quantity
6.1 any
6.1.1 (-) verb
6.1.2 There isn't any room in the car
6.2 no
6.2.1 (+) verb
6.2.2 There is no room in the car
6.3 none
6.3.1 Without noums
6.3.2 How much maney do you have? None
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