2e - Perception Attention, Memory and Learning

Gladys Mba
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Gladys Mba
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A level, A2 IT (Chapter 2) Mind Map on 2e - Perception Attention, Memory and Learning, created by Gladys Mba on 12/14/2016.

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2e - Perception Attention, Memory and Learning
  1. Perception
    1. When a person becomes aware of something through one of your senses
      1. People can perceive different stimuli differently. e.g art or film may have varying reviews
      2. Colours
        1. Green=> OK/Approved
          1. Orange/Yellow => Warning
            1. Red => Stop/Error
            2. Shapes
              1. Tick => Good
                1. Cross => Bad
                  1. Smiley face
                  2. Sounds
                    1. High pitch => positive
                      1. Low pitch => Negetive
                        1. Used in error messages
                    2. Attention
                      1. Users can only remember 7 pieces of information at a time
                        1. Don't display unnecessary information, can be distracting
                          1. Pull down/ pop up menus can reduce amount of info on screen at once
                            1. e.g. Microsoft Office ribbons/ tabs such as home and page reduce the number of options displayed at once.
                              1. E.g windows dedicated to specific tasks.
                              2. Can use
                                1. Sound
                                  1. Flashing text/ animation
                                    1. Colours
                                      1. Moving objects
                                      2. X - distracting user from their core tasks can reduce productivity
                                      3. Memory
                                        1. Uncluttereed screen
                                          1. Related tasks grouped together
                                            1. e.g. User doesn't need to remember where bold, italics and underline buttons are, but where the formatting buttons are
                                              1. Reduces multiple pieces of information to one
                                            2. Consistent layout ==> more transfer of knowledge to long term memory
                                              1. Designing to match mental model
                                                1. System is more relatable to user.
                                              2. Learning
                                                1. Using concepts that can be applied to other areas of the system
                                                  1. User only has to learn the concept once but can use it multiple times
                                                  2. Consistent with other similar software. E.g file button in the same place.
                                                    1. On-screen help and pop up tips
                                                      1. Appropriately labelled buttons
                                                        1. Helpful error messages with positive language
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