2f Mental models

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A level, A2 IT (Chapter 2) Mind Map on 2f Mental models, created by Gladys Mba on 12/14/2016.

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2f Mental models
  1. A mental model represents a person's thought process for how something works and is based on their experiences and assumption of how certain concepts works
    1. In relation to ICT it includes the user experiences with computers and real life experiences that may link to computers
      1. No experience in ICT => mental model entirely based of real world
        1. User interface needs to be designed with concepts that are used in the real world so their user's real world experience can aid their learning of the computer system.
          1. E.g Files storing documents and related files can be kept together in a folder. Unwanted files can folders can be put in the recycling bin, but can be retrieved later.
    2. Applying mental model
      1. Consider who is using software and their experiences
        1. Have multiple ways of achieving the same task if users have varying experiences
          1. Consistent system means users can develop mental model fast. Can remember how items are position and tasks are done
            1. Not try to be too different from other software. e.g have home in the bottom left and file in the top left corner
              1. Visual prompts, e.g. Bold symbol in bold, italic symbol in italics, underline sysmbol underlined.
                1. Users can easily guess the function of the button
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