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Sociology essay revision
  1. A01
    1. 1. During the enlightenment - shift from religion to science
      1. Weber - this is due to secularisation
        1. Beck - shift took place due to people being enlightened by rational evidence - people basing decisions on risk, reflexivity and individuality
        2. 2. Post mod - agrees - Lyotard - language games (not about looking for truth, but about looking for solutions to some problems), pick and mix ->world is characterized by hybridity and diversity
          1. 3. Post mod - agrees - Baudrillard - we worship simulacrums e.g.Disneyland, consumerism, death of the social=decline in spirituality. BUT suggests consumerism has become the new religion - worship products instead of God
            1. 4. Harvey and Strinati - Globalisation - H - decline in space compression, ideas are spread worldwide v.quickly. S - time less imp. media can give us images from past and present
              1. pick and mix through time and places to beliefs we like
            2. A02
              1. 5. Marxism - against - Marx - dominated by religion, no power to PICK AND MIX
                1. Althusser - 'ideological state apparatus' - religion is like a placebo because we believe that our suffering as exploited workers won't last long because God will save us
                2. 6. Gramsci - religion is still trying to dominate. Practicality+spirituality=liberation theology - Christian Aid
                  1. Have we finished shopping?
                  2. 7. Feminism - Browne and Bevoir
                    1. Brown - Stained glass ceiling - females see their potential but cannot reach it - still patriarchal - are women able to pick and choose if they're so oppressed by men
                      1. Bevoir - religion socialises conjugal roles - lack of freedom - therefore cannot be 'spiritual shoppers'
                    2. A03
                      1. 10. Interactionism - Weber - People have the power to adopt their own religion - religion is socially constructed. Religion rich in verstehen - empathy for individual
                        1. 9. Functionalism - Parsons - we may pick and mix but christianity is still the main religion - Thou shalt not kill. In times of crisis people will always turn to religion
                          1. 8. Functionalist - Durkeim - Suggests we just need religion in society - whether we pick and mix or not. Totemism - worshiping totems gave the community peace
                          2. Conclusion - all perspectives have valid arguments - religion is still needed for sanctuary. New right - if laws were not based on religious teachings then there would be anarchy, no social anomie and lack of morals, norms and values
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