Stopping distances

Naoko Aoi
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Naoko Aoi
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GCSE Physics Mind Map on Stopping distances, created by Naoko Aoi on 12/19/2016.

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Stopping distances
  1. Thinking Distance
    1. It takes time for a driver to react to a situation. During this time the car carries on moving.
      1. The thinking distance is the distance travelled between the driver realising he needs to brake and actually braking.
    2. Braking Distance
      1. The braking distance is the distance taken to stop once the brakes are applied.
      2. Methods used to measure it
        1. Click reaction
          1. Reaction Time ruler
            1. The more the person practises the quicker it will react and get a better score.
              1. Equipment: Stopwatch, ruler, partner, chair.
                1. Method: A person will be holding the ruler with the tip of their fingers on the top of a chair and the other person will be timed on how fast he reacts to catch it.
            2. Stick timers
              1. Light board reaction time
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