Magnets and electromagnetism

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Magnets and electromagnetism
1 Magnets
1.1 Have magnetic fields
1.2 Have 2 poles- north and south
1.3 Have magnetic field lines
1.3.1 Iron shavings test or compass test
1.4 Affect other magnets and magnetic materials
1.5 Iron nickel and cobalt
2 Hard to turn a magnet on and off
2.1 Electromagnet
2.1.1 Electric current produces magnetic field around it
2.1.2 Bigger the electric current the stronger the magnetic field
3 A solenoid is an electric magnet
3.1 Solenoid= coil of wire
3.2 Strong and uniform
3.3 Outside a solenoid, the field is like one on a bar magnet
3.4 The ends of the solenoid act like north and south poles
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