Senior Lecturing

Amr Mahfouz
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Amr Mahfouz
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A mind-map for my research strategy in the coming 5 years.

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Senior Lecturing
1 Teaching and Learning
1.1 Curriculum Development and Design
1.2 Innovative Assessment
1.3 Educational Methodologies
1.4 e-Learning
1.5 Student Placement
1.6 Leadership in Quality Enhancement
1.7 Programe Review
1.8 scholarly activity in pedagogy
1.9 scholarly output
2 Research
2.1 Publications
2.1.1 Academic Netwroking Attending Academic Conferences Research Visits Joint publications Invite academic partners for collaborative research and educational activities Be familiar with European intiatives for research and academic collaborations
2.1.2 Writting Training
2.1.3 Collecting Empirical Data
2.1.4 Recruiting PhD Students
2.1.5 Membership of Editorial Boards
2.2 Research Fund
2.2.1 Educate myself with National and International fund opportunities
2.2.2 Attend Information session
2.2.3 Improve my academic and industrial netwrok
2.3 Research Activity in Pedagogy
2.3.1 External Examining of PhD
2.4 Research Involvement
2.4.1 participation and leadership in research centre
2.5 Consultancy/Commissions
2.5.1 Industrial Netwrok Master projects supervision Teaching in Executive programs Attending Industrial Conferences Develop and publish case studies and technical reports
2.5.2 Solution Tools Mastering Simulation Models
3 Engagement
3.1 creation of corporate partnerships
3.2 development of Erasmus and other partnership programmes
3.3 services to the corporate sector
3.4 joint research programmes with external stakeholders
3.5 initiation of community engagement initiatives and projects,
4 Contribution to DIT
4.1 prominent role in an Institute wide committee
4.2 student exchange programmes
4.3 Participation in developing quality assurance arrangements
4.4 contributing to the positive reputation of DIT
4.5 contributing to the positive student experience
5 Internationalisation
5.1 involvement in international teaching
5.2 development of international curricula learning outcomes and experience for students.
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