Challenging the learner through literature

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Challenging the learner through literature

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Challenging the learner through literature
  1. How can a reader interact with text differently?
    1. Understanding semblance
      1. How is it created?
        1. Interaction of text and experience
          1. The GT learner will be able to engage metacognitively to understand better
        2. What does that tell me?
          1. Externalizing thinking can lead learner to understading moral implications of text, and connect to their own life
            1. Learning happens best when shared with others
          2. How is it meaningful?
            1. Allows the reader to validate thinking
              1. Validation comes from the text itself - what did the author do to create your semblance?
                1. The GT learner can see a text at a level of depth that regular students wouldn't have the mental maturity to grasp yet. Allowing those students the opportunity to go deeper with the text will help them to progress as students, as well as aid their social development.
        3. Steps for teacher:
          1. Create safe environment
            1. Guide students to understand thikning
              1. Act as a thermostat to change their thoughts
              2. Encourage differing thoughts
                1. Push for theme/moral implications
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