Characteristics of Personhood

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Characteristics of Personhood
1 Reason and Reflection
1.1 Autonomy, the ability to act upon chioces. Ability to reflect on motives
1.2 main dividing factor in the debate about animals as persons
1.3 MIll: 'it is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied'
2 Self Creation
2.1 Satre's Existentialism: 'Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world - and defines himself afterwards... he will be what he makes himself'
2.2 a person is a 'free and responsible agent' who shapes himself through acts of will.
3 Language
3.1 Glover argues that when you speak in a foreign language you present a 'simplified version of yourself
3.2 the ability to understand/communicate ideas effectively (which is provided by language) is important for self awareness and self creation
4 Self Awareness
4.1 ability to concieve of the concept of personhood, to concieve of the SELF as a person at different times and places
4.1.1 concept of the personhood is LOGICALLY PRIMITIVE - Strawson Arose from criticism of the cogito Descartes takes advantage of our knowledge of 'I' rather than a 'self'
5 Being Social
5.1 John Donne: 'No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main'
5.2 reaction/interaction with others is key for reaching full potential in self creation, reason and reflection and self awareness
6 Degrees of Personhood
6.1 Person
6.1.1 An animal or human being possessing the necessay characteristics and capabilities of personhood
6.2 Non-person
6.2.1 an animal or human being that is not capable of one or more necessary characteristics of personhood
6.3 Ex-Person
6.3.1 A human being or animal that was once capable of rational thought, self awareness and/or communication but has lost those abilities/characteristics a human in a vegetative comatose state, a corpse
6.4 Diminished Person
6.4.1 a human/animal that is less capable/characteristic of personhood than most other persons or than it used to be itself a person with a degenerative nervous/mental illness or a human who has been severely disabled from birth a diminished person may be able to perform all of these functions just to a lesser degree.
6.5 Potential Person
6.5.1 an animal/human that could one day develop or regain the necessary characteristics of personhood a foetus or young baby, a person in a comatose state
7 Necessary
7.1 a condition/characteristic which is necessary for something to be - for example in order for something to be a triangle it MUST have 3 sides
8 Sufficient
8.1 a condition/characteristic which is enough or sufficient for something to be.for example youdon't have to give birth in order to be considered a female.

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