5b- Off-the shelf / Custom written software

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5b- Off-the shelf / Custom written software
1 Off the shelf
1.1 Positives
1.1.1 Help is readily available in online discussion groups and training courses
1.1.2 Tested by many individuals. Most bugs identified and corrected with fixes released. More reliable software
1.1.3 Immediately available
1.1.4 Choice between packages
1.1.5 Uses standard file formats
1.1.6 More likely for upgrades to be released Support for new peripheral and operating systems
1.1.7 Customer is likely to be familiar with new software
1.1.8 Needs to meet needs of lots of costumers
1.2 Negatives
1.2.1 Cost can be one off or a yearly rental. Costs will increase is used by many stations
1.2.2 May not fit purpose without having to be altered or edited. Some needs of certain costumers will not be met.
1.2.3 Likely to be larger than costume-written solutions May have many redundant features taking computer memory. (bloatware)
2 Custom written
2.1 Postives
2.1.1 End user owns the software entirely and can sell it.
2.1.2 Will fit purpose precisely
2.1.3 Takes a lot of time to analysis and develop
2.1.4 End user has a lot of choice and influence on the system
2.1.5 Less bloatware from unnecessary features=> Smaller than off-the-shelf option => Less memory/storage taken
2.2 Negatives
2.2.1 Expensive as people need to be hired to write software
2.2.2 No support if original writers stop supporting the software or go out of business
2.2.3 Problems if analysis was incorrect or wanted features weren't specified
2.2.4 Only tested by a few people => many unidentified bugs in early stages => less reliable
2.2.5 May not have major upgrades or support drivers for new peripherals. May not use recognised file format.
2.2.6 User unlikely be familiar with software
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