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AQA IGCSE Physics (EOY exams yr 8) Mind Map on Reflection, created by Emma Boxley on 05/06/2013.

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1 Rays
1.1 They always travel in a straight line
1.2 Incident rays
1.2.1 These are before the light hits the surface
1.3 Reflective rays
1.3.1 These are after the light hits the surface
1.4 The Normal
1.4.1 The normal is a line drawn at right angles to the reflector.
1.4.2 It is the same angle/distance away from the incident ray as it is from the reflective ray
2 Helpful site
3 Reflection from a plane mirror
3.1 The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
3.2 The angles are always measured from the normal
4 Plane and Diffusion reflections
4.1 Diffusion reactions
4.1.1 Rough surfaces scatter sound and light in all directions.
4.1.2 Each tiny bit of the surface still follows the rule that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.
4.1.3 Only a little of the light from the object enters our eyes This makes the object seem dull or matt
4.1.4 Example Wall
4.2 Plane Reflections
4.2.1 This reflection is from a smooth surface
4.2.2 All the light is eflected in the same direction All the light enters our eyes Which makes the surface look shiny,
4.2.3 Example Plain mirror
5 Diagrams
5.1 Draw the normal as a dotted line
5.1.1 Itis rawn 90 degrees away from the mirror
5.2 The light rays should be straight lines
5.3 Label the rays
5.3.1 Incident and reflective
5.4 The surface that the light bounces off
5.4.1 Plane Staright line
5.4.2 Rough Not a straight line
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