Heating systems and tecnologies

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leah jara
Created by leah jara over 5 years ago
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Heating systems and tecnologies
1 Thermostates
1.1 thermostats help keep us alive in Canada, thermo meaning heat and state meaning maintain ex.. furnace engines, fridge's, and hot tubs
1.2 thermostats work cause they have a strip made of 2 different types of medal called a bimetallic strip
1.2.1 when heated it will bend cause one metal will expand faster than the other as it bends and unbends it controls a heat regulating device
2 Types
2.1 local heating provides heating for only one room like fire places wood burning stoves
2.1.1 central heating comes from a single source like a furnace and is transferred through a network of pipes or vents it is called forced air
2.2 another central heating is hot water heating that is more common in older houses
3 Keeping cool
3.1 thermal energy can keep cold too ex air conditioners they work by removing heat from a room
3.1.1 basic parts are a storage tank, a compressor a freezer unit, condenser coils and a refrigerant A refrigerant is used to transfer warm air tocool air condenser coils take the warmer air vapor and cool it to a liquid

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