2015 Paris Agreement

Sean Watson
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Sean Watson
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2015 Paris Agreement
  1. What is it?
    1. A 32 Page Document
      1. Issued on 12 December 2015
        1. Commits 195 countries
          1. To reduce their emissions of greenhouse gasses.
            1. So future average atmospheric temperature won't exceed...
              1. 2C over pre-industrial levels
          2. World leaders officially signed up in April 2016
        2. What have countries agreed to?
          1. A temperature increase of 2C is to be avoided
            1. Limit the increase at 1.5C
            2. Sequestation later this century will be needed
              1. Emission targets will be set by countries seperatley
                1. However these will be reviewed every 5 years
                  1. And emmission levels will be decreased meaningfully
                2. Wealthy countries will share their science and technology to help reduce emissions
                  1. Countries that have historically emitted a lot of GHG's recognise the loss and damage inflicted on poor countries
                    1. UK
                      1. Poorer countries are given time to de-carbonise their economies
                        1. Without sacrificing economic prosperity
                    2. Will it work?
                      1. Relies on two factors
                        1. If countrie(s) are unable to meet their target for 5 year review
                          1. Other countries will remain positive and invested in the agreement
                          2. Countries sticking to their agreements
                        2. What might go wrong?
                          1. Countries may find it too expensive to phase out old practices
                            1. For example coal powerstations
                              1. China are only increasing their use of coal
                                1. And will continue to do so over a long period of time
                              2. Countries priorities may change
                                1. If hit by an economic recession for example
                                2. Replacing fossil fuels with 'green' energy is so far out of our reach
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