Glacial depositional landforms

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Glacial depositional landforms
1 Drumlins
1.1 Smooth, oval shaped hills found in lowland locations on valley floors where the ice has emerged from the highlands
1.2 Can be as long as 1.5km (most smaller) and up to 60m in height
1.2.1 Poorly sorted glacial till
1.3 Steep end (stoss) and gently sloping end (leeside)
1.3.1 Elongated in direction of ice advance Often found in-groups known as swarms 'basket of eggs topography'
1.4 Eden Valley, Cumbria
1.5 Debate over exact formation of drumlins as formed sub glacially and only revealed once ice has disappeared
1.5.1 Lodgement of subglacial debris as melts out of basal ice
1.5.2 Reshaping of previously deposited material during subsequent re-advance
1.5.3 Accumulation of material around a bedrock obstruction (rock-cored drumlins)
1.5.4 Thinning of ice as spreads over lowland area reducing ability to carry debris, continued forward movement streamlines feature
2 Erratics
2.1 Individual pieces of rock with distinctive geology different from the area in which they were found
2.1.1 May vary in size from small pebbles to large boulders
2.2 Norber Erratics - Yorkshire Dales
2.3 Pieces of rock which have been transported by a glacier from one area and deposited in an area of different rock type
2.3.1 Likely they were eroded by plucking and entrained in the glacier or were frost-shattered from the valley sides, becoming supra-glacial debris by rockfall

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