The Alps

Noor Ul-Hassan
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mind map of the case study on the alps done in class for GCSE exam

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The Alps
  1. Hydro-Electric Power (HEP)
    1. Ideal Conditions (accumulation of water)
      1. Steep slopes
        1. Summer melting of Glaciers
          1. High Precipitation
          2. Lakes are used to store water and narrow valleys are easy to dam
            1. Industries that require high input of electricity use some cheap HEP.
              1. some electricity is also exported to other regions to supply towns/cities
              2. Farming
                1. Dairy farming is the traditional type - farmers use system called transhumance
                  1. Transhumance: Seasonal movement of animals
                    1. Animals taken to high Alps so that hay and other folder crops can grow on flat valley floor
                      1. In winter animals taken back to valley floor - transhumance
                      2. Change to system
                        1. Cable cars and plastic pipes used to bring milk to daries down in valley
                          1. Use artificial feeds in order for them and cattle to stay home all year
                            1. New roads, quad bikes and cable cars give better access
                          2. Happens on south side of slopes, rows of grape trees also planted here
                          3. Introduction
                            1. Formed 30-40 million years ago, young fold mountains
                              1. Boarder between France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia
                                1. Lots of peaks over 3000m
                                  1. Mont Blanc highest peak
                                    1. Near Franco-Italian boarder
                                      1. 4810m high
                                  2. Mining
                                    1. In the past companies used to go to the alps to mine
                                      1. salt
                                        1. iron ore
                                          1. gold, silver
                                            1. copper
                                            2. Cheaper companies caused the companies to leave the Alps
                                            3. Forestry
                                              1. Coniferous trees cover many of the slopes
                                                1. Wood is used for fuel and building material
                                                  1. As there is lots of wood
                                                  2. Saw mills based on valley floor, next to rivers
                                                    1. Pulp and paper from timber that cant be use for building
                                                    2. Tourism
                                                      1. Alps attract...
                                                        1. skiers
                                                          1. walkers
                                                            1. climbers
                                                              1. people who enjoy the scenery
                                                              2. Winter
                                                                1. flat land on high levels good for building hotels and restaurant
                                                                  1. steep slopes for ski runs and views
                                                                    1. snow for skiing and winter sports
                                                                    2. summer
                                                                      1. large glacial lakes
                                                                        1. beautiful mountain scenery with snowy peaks
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