God as Creator

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Judeo-Christian Beliefs on God as Creator OCR AS Philosophy and Ethics

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God as Creator
1 Genesis 1
1.1 Transendant
1.1.1 Closer to Aristotle's Prime Mover
1.2 Details creation of the universe
1.2.1 Six day creation
1.2.2 'without form and void'
1.2.3 'spirit of God' moves over the face of the Earth
1.2.4 'God said' -Creation by Word Omnipotence
1.2.5 God pre-exists creation of the world - total complete power over creation Omnipotence
2 Genesis 2
2.1 Immanent
2.2 Details relationship with Humanitiy
2.2.1 Details of the creation of Adam and Eve and the Fall The Fall God commanded Adam and Eve to not eat from the Tree of knowledge, of good and evil, on the threat of death. Eve, tempted by the serpent ate the fruit and convinced Adam to also. God threw them from Eden and expressed anger
2.2.2 Walking, talking, expressing anger, having a direct relationship with humanity
2.2.3 He crafts Adam from the dust, therefore showing God as a Craftsman 'of dust from the earth and is breathed into the breath of life'
2.2.4 Gives purpose to mankind Genesis 2:15 'The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and keep it'
2.2.5 His Immanence is shown by his involement in creation. He provides for his creations and then becomes angry when they disobey intimate relatationship with his highest creation
3 God causes the Universe to Exist
4 God is responsible for the universe coming into existance and sustaining it
5 God is responsible for everything in the universe
6 Apostles Creed (Early summary of Christian Beliefs) 'I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and Earth.'

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