Come On, Come Back - Stevie Smith

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Poem from the AQA Conflict Cluster for the Poetry Across Time Exam.

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Come On, Come Back - Stevie Smith
1 The poem is about a future war however it has references to past wars.
1.1 Such as Austerliz
1.2 Or the Potsdam Concert
2 It is a haunting and fatalistic portrayal of what will happen in the future if people do not learn from the mistakes of the past and the present
3 It is written in free verse - meaning there is no real form.
3.1 This could represent the confusion of Vaudevue's mind
3.2 It could represent the chaos and irregularity of War.
4 The poem does not have a conventional rhyme scheme. However, Smith links lines through words and sounds. These can come at the end of lines, in the middle or at the beginning. For example Lines 12: alone/stone.
5 Imagery of water is frequently used
5.1 Could be used to show the ripple effects of conflict
5.2 It is used when she commits suicide.
5.2.1 "Icy - Amorous Embrace
5.2.2 Juxtaposition
6 Vulnerability
6.1 She is a child
6.2 Female soldier
6.3 She is alone for the poem.

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