The Death of Marilyn Monroe (techniques)


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The Death of Marilyn Monroe (techniques)
  1. accusatory tone
    1. "Di Maggio! Los Angeles! Millar! Los Angeles! America!
      1. people and places to blame for her death
        1. were not there for her. Expected a lot, did not give back
    2. Contrast
      1. "Innocence" "white hearse" "crumpled orphan" "child of america"
        1. defenceless, unwanted, discarded, damaged, not capable, naive, vulnerable, fragile, child-like
        2. "guilt" "breast" "nembutal bed" "and so she was to blame"
          1. drugs, sex, love affairs, alcohol, hollywood, sex symbol, no boundaries
        3. word choice
          1. "many aquaintances" "autograph hunters" "inflexible directors" "drive-in admirers"
            1. no true friends, nobody to trust. People there for the fame/money. Take what they want and then leave. Stalkers, want to harm her, see her as prey. Overworked and exploited her. Impersonal, using her.
          2. Structure
            1. "what innocence? whose guilt? what eyes? whose breast?"
              1. rhetorical questions, like a paperboy shouting headlines.
              2. 1 stanza, no rhyming, conversational.
                1. Repetition of "Los Angeles"
                  1. The place she should have loved caused her the most stress. Was her home. They were "left a little shaken" - knew they were partly to blame?
                    1. means angel in spanish - connotations of death
                  2. Imagery
                    1. "that death should seem her only protector"
                      1. Personification, deathher only friend. Ironic that she was lonely. Usually death would be avoided not welcomed. it was her only escape.
                      2. That lonely uncertainty should limp up, grinning"
                        1. Personification - sleazy voyeur, taking advantage of her loneliness. Uncertainty describes her life. Uncomfortable image, intimidating, sinister,
                        2. "Call for him to strengthen her"
                          1. him = drugs, "dissolve her" drugs are ultimately what killed her (overdose)
                          2. "bewildering barbiturates"
                            1. alliteration
                          3. Direct Speech
                            1. "All I had was my life. I have no regrets, because if I made any mistakes, I was responsible"
                              1. Gives Marilyn her own voice. Theme of Responsibility. She would have blamed herself, Morgan disagrees. Very honest, like a Eulogy.
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