Computational Thinking

Jonathan Wakefield
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Jonathan Wakefield
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A mind map for aspects of computational thinking

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Computational Thinking
  1. Thinking Ahead
    1. Identify inputs and outputs
      1. Determine preconditions for solving problem
        1. What parts of the program can you reuse?
          1. Benefits and drawbacks of using cache memory
          2. Thinking Logically
            1. Identifying points where a decision is made
              1. Logical conditions that determine outcome
                1. How decisions affect flow of program
                  1. If...Then...Else
                    1. While, For loops
                      1. Switch case
                    2. Thinking Procedurally
                      1. Problem decomposition
                        1. Identifying components of solution
                          1. Determining the order of steps needed
                            1. Use of hierarchy charts or class diagrams
                            2. Thinking Abstractly
                              1. Any computer model is an abstraction
                                1. What properties to take in to account
                                  1. Removing unnecessary details
                                    1. Examples: London Underground map
                                    2. Thinking Concurrently
                                      1. Which tasks can be tackled at same time
                                        1. Benefits and trade-offs of this
                                          1. Increased throughput
                                            1. Time wasted waiting spent on another task
                                              1. Programs could take longer to complete
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