Thermal Physics

Tess Theaker
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Tess Theaker
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Cambridge IGCSE Physics Mind Map on Thermal Physics, created by Tess Theaker on 04/09/2014.

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Thermal Physics
  1. Conduction: Solids, Metals, good conductors, plastics, insulators, acid structure, delocalised electrons
    1. Radiation: Matt Black - Best absorber and ammitter of radiation. Silver - Best reflector, worst emitter&absorber, SLG and vaccum. Any body with thermal energy
      1. Convection: Fluids (gas&liquids) Currents - Hot air/liquid rises, because it expands when it is hotter
        1. Specific heat Capacity: Energy =mass,specific heat capacity, delta - change in temperature, sharing energy, energy to rise the temperature
          1. Specific Latent Heat: Changing of state, SLH of vaperation - the amount of energy to turn liquid to gas, SLH Fusion - Amount of vaperation to turn liquid into a solid
            1. Thermometers: Liquid in a glass, Alcohol&mercury, rise falls at delta, colder= contracts, hotter= expands, digital (temperature), Gas thermometer, uses resistance in a circuit, which is calebrated to temperature change
              1. Evaperation/Changing State: The average energy decreases, faster/more energetic molecules leave in evaperation
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