3g Wireless Communication Methods

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3g Wireless Communication Methods
1 Bluetooth(R)
1.1 A protocol for wireless communication
1.2 Used for communication between close portable devices
1.2.1 Mobile phone headset
1.2.2 Transferring files between phones
1.2.3 Using a laptop as a modem of transferring files
1.2.4 Stream video from mobile to TV
1.3 Advantages
1.3.1 O- No line of sight required
1.3.2 O- Widely available
1.3.3 O- Radiofrequency licence not required
1.3.4 O- Passkey needed for authorised access
1.4 Disadvantages
1.4.1 X- 10m range
1.4.2 X- Slow 3Mbps alone of 24Mbps with v3 or v4 and Wi-Fi
1.4.3 X- Only connected to one device at a time
2 Radio
2.1 A protocol for wireless communication known are Wi-Fi
2.2 Three standards
2.2.1 802.11a
2.2.2 802.11b - Bandwidth up to 11 Mbps
2.2.3 802.11g Bandwidth up to 54 Mbps
2.3 Uses
2.3.1 Wireless access in organisations and hotspots
2.3.2 Computers with WNIC (wireless network interface card) or laptops
2.3.3 mobile phones and tables
2.3.4 printers and game consoles
2.3.5 WiFi direct - WiFi enabled devices to communicate directly with each other and transfer files without a wireless access point
2.4 Advantages
2.4.1 O- No need for cables
2.4.2 O- Devices not restricted by location
2.4.3 O- Mobile users save money
2.4.4 O- Line of sight not necessary
2.4.5 O- Good transfer rates for internet
2.4.6 O- Very high compatibility standards
2.5 Disadvantages
2.5.1 X- Restricted transfer rates
2.5.2 X- Restricted range 30 metres indoors X- Further restricted by wall and steel
2.5.3 X- Bandwidth is reduced greatly if many devices are connected to a single wireless access point
2.5.4 X- Susceptible to hacking f security is not set up properly
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