LO5 Know how to Safeguard children and vulnerable adults in sport, exercise, health and leisure

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LO5 Know how to Safeguard children and vulnerable adults in sport, exercise, health and leisure
1 5.1 What is safeguarding
1.1 Ensuring the safety of all participants whilst in your care
1.2 Preventing impairment of childrens health and development
1.3 Taking action to ensure all children and young people to have the best outcomes
1.4 Protecting children from maltreatment
2 5.2 How to protect yourself and staff against allegations of abuse
2.1 Avoiding one-to-one situations
2.1.1 When in a situation where it is only you and a child take action Take the child to an area where is there is another member of staff e.g. reception
2.2 Ensure that there are appropriate staff ratios
2.2.1 For example for 13-18 year olds there should be one adult to every 10 children
3 5.3 Safeguarding requirements in the sport, exercise, health and leisure industry
3.1 When employing staff , the correct checks on possible employees should be carried out
3.1.1 Effective recruitment and selection of staff When selecting staff lots of information should be recorded to make the sure the person is appropriate for the job DBS check National Insurance Number Criminal record Past career and experience should be checked
3.2 Appropriate staff training should be given to ensure staff understand the importance of safeguarding
3.2.1 Effective training and support for staff Training must be given so that all staff undertand the policies and procedures to protect themselves from allegations Know how to spot any safeguarding issues in clients
3.3 Clear lines of accountability
3.3.1 Staff must know the chain of command and know the person they must report issues to
4 5.4 + 5.5 types and signs of abuse
4.1 Sexual
4.1.1 Undesired sexual behaviour from one to annother
4.2 Neglect
4.2.1 Not taking proper care of someone
4.3 Emotional
4.3.1 Any act which may diminish self worth
4.4 Physical
4.4.1 Causing injury to another person by bodily contact
5 5.6 Dealing with suspected abuse
5.1 React calmly
5.2 Take situation seriously
5.3 Reassure the child that theyre right to tell
5.4 Make a written record of what has been disclosed
5.5 Make sure all details reported in the written report are as detailed as possible
6 5.7 Organisations involved with safeguarding
6.1 Child protection in Sport unit
6.1.1 Work alongside the NSPCC To minimise the risk to children during sporting activities They provide expert safeguarding and child protection to parents Developed and are delivering sport specific training, resources and guidance
6.2 Social Services
6.2.1 Have a statutory obligation to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable children
6.2.2 Local authority social services support families and children at risk of harm Wheter from family members or others Levels of support can vary within each local authority Some families are in need of additional help and support
6.3 National Governing Bodies (NGBS)
6.3.1 Every NGB has its own safeguarding procedures Example - Amateur Swimming Assosiation
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