Emily Dickinson Context

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Emily Dickinson Context
1 American civil war
1.1 The confederacy collapsed and slavery was abolished
1.2 Became a symbol for increasing commercialism, financial pressure, formation of corporations and the Puritan church
1.3 Represents warring elements which she believed was tearing up society
2 Transcendentalism and Romanticism
2.1 R - Value of felling and emotion over reasoning
2.2 T - God was immanent in nature and man
2.3 T - Soul is present in all things
2.4 Relationship between humans and the natural world
2.5 Believed that society and its institutions (religion and politics) corrupted the purity of the individual
3 Life
3.1 Many debated her sexuality - She was devoted to her brother's wife Sue - her true love?
3.2 Her poetry shows that she is a rebel against many of the normal attitudes to their religion, culture and society at the time.
3.3 Fear she was losing sight - 1864-65
3.4 Recluse - white dress - agoraphobic to avoid social obligations
3.5 Poems were published after death
4 Calvinism and Puritanism
4.1 Puritanism purify all Roman catholic forms - much stricter lifestyle
4.2 TULIP - those who despair will not be able to enter heaven
4.3 Total depravity - all humans are capable of sin
4.4 Unconditional election - God chooses who is saved - The elect
4.5 Limited atonement - Jesus Christ only died for the sins of the elect
4.6 Irresistible grace - elect cannot resist the call
4.7 Perseverance of the saints - Elect cannot lose their salvation
4.8 Emphasised human goodness as they believed God existed in everyone but also recognised the presence of evil
5 Gothic genre
5.1 Very common in novels at the time
5.2 Dickinson adopted many characteristics such as sounds
5.3 Gives poem dramatic vividness
6 19th century women
6.1 Responsible for maintaining moral and spiritual values
6.2 Domesticated - Dickinson reveals conflicting attitudes towards this ideology
6.3 Expected to marry
6.4 Usually women who wrote were prompted by their husbands due to their inability to provide for them
6.5 protests about women's rights were provoked by the inferior roles women played in society

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