Strawberries (techniques)


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Strawberries (techniques)
  1. Theme of love/tenderness
    1. "your knees held in mine"
      1. Suggestive. Shows contact between the lovers. Suggests intimacy, passion, can't keep their hands off each other.
      2. "And I bent towards you, sweet in that air"
        1. physical approach, bending is more gentle, tender than moving. constantly holding each other.
      3. Theme of memory/nostalgia
        1. unique, special. no other love affair will be the same. Compares every romantic encounter to this one. Connotations of Stawberries- love, romance.
          1. "there were never strawberries like the ones we had"
            1. "the taste of strawberries in my memory"
          2. Sound
            1. assonance
              1. "there were never strawberries"
                1. sound emulates the musicality of love. shows how harmonious love can be. shows strength of love.
              2. alliteration
                1. "lean back again, let me love you"
                  1. sound is soft and lovingly pleads. musical sound.
                2. sybilance
                  1. "let the storm wash the plates"
                    1. sensual effect
                3. Verse form
                  1. free verse
                    1. no boundaries, no pauses, no rules (punctuation) flows. shows freedom of love, no formal structure, no rhymes/forced rhymes.
                      1. excitement - blurts it all out. Love is not forced.
                  2. Nostalgic Tone
                    1. "one hour of all the heat intense"
                      1. intensity of emotion. shows passion, tenderness. tone mirrors the couples gentle yet intense love
                    2. word choice
                      1. "sultry" "intense" "glistening" "eager" "dipped in sugar" "abandoned"
                        1. lust, sexy, stormy, confusing lust with love
                      2. Setting
                        1. "kilpatrick hills"
                          1. bombed during the war, destructive, chaotic relationship?
                          2. "hot sunlight"
                            1. summer. sweaty, hot, lustful.
                            2. "open french window"
                              1. taking the love outside.
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