ozymandias context

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focusing on poet info, about ozymandias and what romanticism is

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ozymandias context
1 poet
1.1 1792
1.2 romantic poet
1.3 expelled from uni for writing in favour of atheism
1.3.1 argued existence of god
1.4 came from wealthy family
1.5 age of 29 died, drowned at sea going to italy
1.6 wrote mostly for himself, in the time wasn't successful
1.7 pacifist, against war
1.8 very political poet
2 romanticism
2.1 2nd generation of romantic poets
2.2 dislike of urban life
2.3 use of everyday ordinary language
2.4 embrace of country side
2.5 love of supernatural
2.6 early romantic lost their value
2.6.1 2nd get needed to set themselves apart
2.6.2 so pens were set in foreign lands and in the past
3 about egyptian fero
3.1 led many battles
3.1.1 to protect egypt
3.1.2 gain new land
3.2 very similar to king george the 3rd
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