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online services

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Online Services
1 Online services refers to any information and services provided over the internet. You can communicate over the internet sites with other users. unlimited access to information is provided.
2 Examples ; Ordering take-away food, Finding train timetables, Looking to find long-lost family members
3 Industries that provide online services; Retail, Financial services, Education and training, News and information, Booking systems, Entertainment and leisure.
4 RETAIL - We can purchase almost anything we want over the internet, this gives us thew ability to shop where and when we would like.
4.1 This could cause problems with the payment, people may be taking your credit card details to use for personal use, this could also develop in people paying for goods but not recieving them.
5 FINANCIAL SERVICES - These sites provide advice and services about mortgages, investments, banking, debts, and loans. The UK's financial services are regulates by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority).
5.1 Not all of the online services have been agreed by the regulators, some aren't authentic or reliable.
6 EDUCATION AND TRAINING - You can search for courses, career guidance. The way in which we are taught and study has now been influenced by online services.
7 NEWS AND INFORMATION - We are bombarded online with more information everyday than the equivalent content of 200 newspapers everyday.
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