Components of the CPU

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Brandon Davies
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AS level Computing Mind Map on Components of the CPU, created by Brandon Davies on 01/30/2017.

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Components of the CPU
  1. Arithmetic Logic Unit
    1. thinks what to do with the data, can carry out a plethora of tasks it is the calculator of the CPU
    2. Memory Address Register
      1. holds where data has been read or wrote in the RAM
      2. Data Bus
        1. group of electrical wires which send data to and from the RAM
        2. Accumulator
          1. Stores Data for a bit, while the ALU is being fixed for what it needs
          2. Program Counter
            1. it is the part of the CPU that keeps track of where you are in the program.
              1. Also holds the next address
            2. Address bus
              1. sends address to the RAM of the Computer, to be read or written from
              2. Control Bus
                1. Sends info to RAM whether data is to be read or written
                2. Memory Data Register
                  1. holds the data that is being moved from RAM or being sent to RAM
                  2. Clock Speed
                    1. speed at which tasks are done
                      1. measured in hertz (Hz) cycles per second
                    2. Current Instruction Register
                      1. holds the current instruction when it has been retrieved from RAM
                      2. Harvard Architecture
                        1. allows one cycle to go through two lots of memory, this means it is faster and more efficient.
                        2. Von Neumann Architecture
                          1. holds both instructions and data. it has to send them separately round the CPU
                          2. Core
                            1. determines how many tasks can be completed
                              1. Example: quad core 3GHz processor can do 4 x 3 billion tasks per second
                            2. Control Unit
                              1. Controls the flow of the CPU, tells it if it is writing or if it is reading data.
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