T017 Termination & remedies for breaches outside the Contract

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T017 Termination & remedies for breaches outside the Contract
1.1 buiding contract have previsions for breaches e.g. failure 2 give possession = deferment clause or EOT = variations
1.2 serious breaches - JCT contract contains provisions allowing termination of the employment of MC
1.3 JCT section 8
1.4 To say that the contract is 'terminated' is not strictly correct because while the parties are discharged from any further obligations, they remain bound by those obligations that accrued before the breach
2.1 where the contract works are lawfully stopped under the contract
3.1.1 GROUNDS Wholly/substantially suspends works without reasonable cause fails to proceed diligently and reguarly TheMC should plan the works/lead & manage w.force/provide sufficient and proper material & labour resources, employ competent tradesmen so that the works and obligations are carried out to an acceptable standard Fails to comply with written instructions for the removal of work/goods/materials not in accordance Unauthorised assignment/ contracting Failure to comply with CDM regulations Guilty of corrupt practices relating to contracts Insolvency
3.1.2 PROCEDURE For items 1 to 5 a WRITTEN NOTICE must be given 2 the MC specifying default the MC has 14 days to stop the default if they dont the emp has a further 10 days to issue a 2nd notice terminating their employment notices must be hand delivered if the contract is not terminated but the MC repeats the default there is no need to give a warning just the 2nd notice
3.1.3 CONSEQUENCES all contractural provisions 4 further payment to MC (inc retention) ends emp can employ others 2 complete the wrks and make use of MC temp bdg/plant /material OR CA instruct MC to remove all equipment MC gives employer copies of any CDP docs if requested, the MC has to assign the benefit of any sub-contracts/supply contracts 2 emp free of charge within 14 days of termination statement of account issued - given in a reasonable time from the completion of the works to the completion fo MG the account sets out Expenses incurred by emp in completing wrks, inc direct loss/damage the total MC would have earned had they completed the wrks total of any previous payment 2 the MC in interim certs The difference is a debt payable
3.2.1 Clauses 8.8 - 8.10
3.2.2 GROUNDS Failure of emp 2 fully pay properly within the time periods Interference by emp in the issue of any certificate Suspension of wks for a continuous period due 2 prevention/ default by the emp Default period is 2 mths Unauthorised assignment by emp Failure of the emp to comply with CDM regs Insolvency of emp
3.2.3 PROCEDURE MC must issue written notice 2 emp stating default (exp insolvency) The emp has 14 days to remedy them if they dont - MC has further 10 days to issue another written notice to terminate For insolvency - termination can occur with the issue of just 1 written notice if termination doesn't occur this time, any repetition of the default enables the MC 2 terminate immediately with the issue of a written notice
3.2.4 CONSEQUENCES removal all equipment from site give emp 2 copies of any CDP elements prepare statement of account Prepared as soon as practicably possible INCLUDES Value of works properly executed at the time of termination L&E due 2 MC under the contract The cost of removal from site the cost for any materials already ordered that the MC is obliged 2 pay loss/damage suffered by MC due 2 termination amount of previous payments paid under interim certificates difference is DEBT PAYABLE PAID WITH 28 DAYS
3.3.1 Clauses 8.11
3.3.2 GROUNDS force majure civil commotion/ terrorism Loss/damage caused by specified perils (fire/floods etc) exercise of stat power by UK Gov directly affecting the wrks
3.3.3 B4 MUTUAL TERMINATION = When whole/substantial part of the wrks is suspended for the continuous period sated in the contract particulars
3.3.4 PROCEDURE At the expiry of the stated continuous period, either party may issue a written notice to the other party stating that they intend to terminate in 7 days if suspension is still occurring after the 7 days they should issue a further notice to terminate
3.3.5 CONSEQUENCES The MC has 2 remove all materials and equipment from site & give emp 2 copies of CDP docs OR... emp can require the MC 2 provide all the necessary info 2 enable them 2 prepare the account within 2 months of the end of termination FINAL ACCOUNT prepare in a reasonable dispatch and within 3mths from the date that the MC provided info i.e. prepared within 5mths from termination value of wks properly executed at the pt of termination L&E due 2 MC under contract cost 4 removal from site cost for any materials already ordered that the MC is oblidged 2 pay 4 loss/damage suffered by MC due to termination ONLY IF TERMINATION WAS DUE TO SPECIFIED PERIL caused by negligence/act of emp amount of previous interim certs difference is debt payable pay in 28DAYS
5 HGCRA 1996
5.1 enables MC to suspend performance of their contractual obligations if they have not received full payments of amount dues by the final date without withhold notice.
6.1 determination means quality that makes u continue trying to do something even when this is difficult or the process of deciding something officially.
6.2 termination is the act of ending something
7.1 a situation may arise in which it is not possible for the contract 2 b completed without the default of any party e.g;. new legislation may have bee passed during the contract which could make further activity illegal
7.2 its a legal doctrine which may bring about termination of a contract when external events make the contract either:-
7.2.1 illegal
7.2.2 impossible 2 perform
7.2.3 radically different from orig bargain
8.1 3 TYPES
8.1.1 Damages any breach of contract either serious or minor ASSESSMENT to put the innocent party back into the position they would have been in had the breach not happened compensatory not PUNITIVE (intended 2 inflict punishment) CONDITIONS Actual loss has to be suffered this might stem from the breach mitigating measures should have been taken by the innocent party
8.1.2 Set off abatement SET OFF Where the emp refuses to meet a MC claim 4 payment because they have a cross-claim that would reduce or cancel out the payment EQUITABLE SET-OFF Where the claim & counter claim are closely linked e.g. under the same contract ABATEMENT Where the emp asserts that the MC claim is not worth the value they are claiming i.e. due to physical defects 2 the works
8.1.3 REPUDIATION REPUDIATION termination 4 breach is where one party behaves so badly that the law give the other party the option of ending the contract common law right to terminate or 'repudiate' a contract can arise in 2 ways either party make it clear they have no intention of performing their side of the bargain DETERMINATION e.g. suspension by emp for no reason/ failure to complete works regularly and diligently either party may may commit serious breach which is treated as having no intention of carrying out their obligations REPUDIATORY BREACH Employer breaches that constitute a breach refusal of posession continued refusal 2 pay for sums due withholding certificates hindrance 2 contractor MC actions constitute a serious breach Abandonment/ unjustified suspension of the works very serious defects Extreme delay where time is of the essesne general rule is that time is not of the essence unless the contract expressly so provides INNOCENT PARTY HAS 2 DECIDE AFIRM Force contract obligations REPUDIATE THE CONTRACT terminate CONSEQUENCES Both parties r released from their obligations under the contract BUT the contract regarding LIABILITY/ACCESS DAMAGES & DISPUTE RESOLUTION ARE STILL VALID WHAT? Termination of a contract at common law for serious breaches TERMINATION VS. REPUDIATION TERMINATION under contract only terminates obligations 2 carry out wrks but NOT release parties from any further obligations REPUDIATION is breach but it doesn't necessary mean that the contract must be terminated as the innocent party gets to decide to affirm or repudiate

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