Social brain hypothesis

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Social brain hypothesis
1 Assertains that the most challenging area is not the ecological but the social
1.1 Complexity of social lives accounts for large brains to cope with info processing and ability to manip that info
1.1.1 sbh is an ecological theory that states ecological problems like foraging, offspring rearing, better solved socially than individ always about the complexity and quality not the quantity neocortical size correlates with sociallty in primates - nocortical size and group size sociality response to ecological problems ; size and structure represents a balance between predation risk and competition = selection pressure to evolve strategies and tactics to negate -ve impacts competition would have on repro success supports sbh - proposed strategies involve coalitions and alliances allowing indivs to band together and prevent resource monopoly linked to carnivores and cetaceans
2 computational power needed to track own and 3rd party relationships
2.1 deception rate and neocortex
2.1.1 consistent that social challenges driven neocortical size correlates with group size, grooming clique size (alliance), strategies used by males in mating, social manip cognitive demand lone animals lower than stable social groups
3 consequences
3.1 late sexual maturity
3.1.1 small litter size long interbirth intevals extended lifespan late weaning Juvenille period extended for knowledge aquistion, reconciliation how to perform benefical affiliations fighting and sexual skills learn to coop

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