5f- Reviews

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A level, A2 IT (Chapter 5) Mind Map on 5f- Reviews, created by Gladys Mba on 02/02/2017.

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5f- Reviews
  1. Ensures that system is doing its job properly, is running efficiently and is up-to-date
    1. Identifies problems and plan improvements.
      1. Maintain data integrity
        1. Ensure new system is compatible to upgrades or other new systems
        2. People
          1. Day to day system users
            1. Know the most about weaknessrs and the implications of changes
              1. Can provide feedback on task efficiency.
              2. Decision makers
                1. Need to be involved if review involves output of the system changing.
                2. System analyst / project manager
                  1. Responsible for future development and maintenance.
                3. Consequences of not reviewing
                  1. X- Bugs not identified and fixed
                    1. Frustrated users
                    2. X- Data integrity compromised by lack of check of accuracy
                      1. X- Users can't discuss how they use the system so they are not aware on how to make best use of it decreasing efficiency.
                        1. X- Internal and external changes makes system out of date
                          1. X- New systems may have adverse effects
                          2. X- Management may think system is working efficiently if users aren't involved in review.
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