5g-h - Maintenance

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Gladys Mba
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A level, A2 IT (Chapter 5) Mind Map on 5g-h - Maintenance, created by Gladys Mba on 02/02/2017.

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5g-h - Maintenance
  1. Corrective
    1. Fix any bugs found in the system
      1. e.g. crashes, truncated text
      2. O- System runs more accurately and data integrity maintained
        1. O- System more productive and happy users
      3. Adaptive
        1. Systems need to be changed to accomodate internal changes in organisation and external changes beyond control
          1. e.g. new bonus system, new production methods, new laws, new taxes
          2. O- Help perform new needs more efficiently and give up-to-date outputs
            1. O- Organisation can remain more competitive
              1. O- No need to manually change reports and other outputs
            2. Perfective
              1. Suggestions made to improve the system from reviews
                1. System doesn't necessarily have anything wrong with it.
                  1. System made to run better
                  2. e.g. easier to understand screen prompts, adding extra features to reports
                    1. O- Improves overall productivity + users happy it has been improved for them
                      1. O- Gets rid of inefficiencies that might lead to unnecessary costs.
                      2. Perfection can't be achieved some users will stilll be unhappy
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