Shakespeare's interest in law(or justice)


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Shakespeare's interest in law(or justice)
  1. The Merchant of Venice
    1. Uses this play to illustrate how some scenario's can question the morality in specific laws.
      1. Antonio's care free attitude causes him to land himself in a position where going against morality has caused chaos for both parties.
        1. Uses the case to illustrate a gruesome scenario where the laws help create an immoral situation
            1. According to the law Shylock was entitled to the human flesh, but morally this is unnaceptable
      2. Measure for measure
        1. consider whether or not morality can or should be legislated
          1. presents the notion that humans should not judge one another
            1. illustrates how even the officials in charge are corrupt
              1. Shakespeare uses Lord Angelo's character to show how power can be abused because not every rulers intentions are pure
              2. In order for there to be Justice the situation had to be observed by the Duke
              3. argues that morality should not be regulated by our government
            2. Shakespeare often tested social norms and pushed limits in order to get his point across
              1. Presents the Idea that one person should not have the power to dictate morality.
                1. It is acceptable to over look the law in certain situations as long as they do not go against the basic idea of morality
              2. Interest: a feeling of wanting to learn more about something or to be involved in something
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