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1 With the demise of God, Western culture may collapse into a paralysed melancholy
1.1 When we find out that the world does not posses objective value and meaning we want, we find ourselves in a crisis - Nietzsche
1.2 Ubermensch prevents nihilism
2 God gives us meaning, any meaning is better than none.
2.1 God fills a void, no room for nihilism.
2.1.1 Deconstruction commonly labelled nihilistic because it denies our ability to know truth - Derrida
2.2 Overcome by the free spirit/ubermensch
3 Rejection of all moral and religious principles in the belief that life is meaningless.
3.1 Extreme skepticism, nothing in the world has real existence
3.2 Comes from Latin word 'nihil' meaning nothing.
4 Philosophy is part of a drive to make sense of the world. To give it value for individuals.
4.1 Philosophy is already the normal state of man - Heidegger.
5 Myth of Sisphyus is a superb metaphor of human existence - Camus
5.1 Metaphysics is nihilistic - Heidegger.
6 Surpressing individuality to the point where an individuals uniqueness becomes non-existent and nothing meaningful about his existence can be affirmed. - Kierkegaard
7 Active nihilism is a sign of strength, wiping out of old values to lay down ones own beliefs. Overcomes passive nihilism.
7.1 Nothing concrete, no absolute truth
7.2 Nihilism is a result of twisted dynamics in Christian culture
7.3 Human beings must attempt to be God like to overcome nihilism.
7.3.1 Nihilism can be embraced and bring about tranquility - Ernst Junger

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