Spanish Constitution of 1978

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Mapa de contenidos sobre la Constitución Española de 1978.

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Spanish Constitution of 1978
1 Steps in the passing of the Constitution
2 Important dates
2.1 It was approved by the the Parliament on
2.2 It was endorsed by referendum on
2.3 It was sanctioned by the king on
3 The seven fathers of the Constitution
4 It's the supreme law of Spain. It marked the culmination of the Spanish transition to democracy
5 The Government
5.1 Political form of Spain:
5.2 The Head of the State is
5.3 Role of the King
6 Organisation of the State
6.1 Central Government
6.1.1 Autonomous Communities Provinces Municipalities
7 Citizens' rights and responsabilities
8 Elections
8.1 Right to vote to citizens over 18 years.
8.2 Elections held every four years
8.3 Secret ballot
8.4 Pluralism.More than 80 registered political parties
9 Division of Powers
9.1 Legislative Power
9.1.1 Bicameral Parliament ( Cortes Generales) Lower Chamber Upper Chamber
9.1.2 Function:
9.2 Executive Power
9.2.1 Function:
9.2.2 President and ministers
9.2.3 Ministries
9.3 Judicial Power
9.3.1 Function:
9.3.2 Supreme Court
9.3.3 Constitutional Court
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