Golf Club Head

Luke Baldwin
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Luke Baldwin
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Mind Map on Golf Club Head, created by Luke Baldwin on 02/05/2017.

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Golf Club Head
  1. U.C.D
    1. Aesthetic
      1. Colour
        1. Colour has to be apealing
      2. Functionality
        1. Colour
          1. Must be bright for people with eyesight problems
        2. Ergonomic
          1. Shape
            1. Aerodynamic
            2. Weight
              1. Lightweight materials
            3. Social
              1. Designed as people want
                1. Aesthetically pleasing
              2. E.P.O.D
                1. Colour
                  1. White
                    1. Does not absorb heat so will not get hot when in the sun all day
                      1. Adidas main colour
                    2. Form
                      1. Must be sleek and slim
                      2. Alignment
                        1. Parts must allign
                        2. Texture
                          1. Rough, Grippy handle
                          2. Scale
                            1. Tournament putters can only be 48 inches long
                          3. Sustainability
                            1. Must be sturdy
                              1. Lightweight materials
                                1. Still be cost effective
                                  1. Titanium
                                  2. Strong materials
                                    1. Top range materials
                                2. Graphical Representation
                                  1. Concept sketch
                                    1. Get a basic idea of the golf club dimensions
                                    2. Isometric Design
                                      1. Final design, used for advertsing
                                    3. Legal Responibilities
                                      1. Include warranty to be apealing
                                        1. Titanium will not break so can make longer warranty
                                      2. Target Audience
                                        1. Gender
                                          1. Must be apealing to either gender
                                          2. Age
                                            1. The user age for the club will be18-40 year olds
                                              1. Lightweightmaterials to help the putter glide
                                            2. Professionals
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