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1 Influenced by Schopenhauer to find meaning in a Godless world
1.1 We can no longer justify our belief in God
1.1.1 Ubermensch lets us think for ourselves. What is good? All that empowers us. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness.
1.2 Knowledge comes from perspective therefore no objectivity.
1.3 Individual aspiration should be encouraged, finding meaning without God
1.3.1 Wille zur macht
1.3.2 Be your own experience
2 God is dead, no absolutes. Christianity having less followers leads to downfall of moral religious authority
2.1 God is dead in modern society. The value religion used to place upon our lives no longer provides us with the purpose it once did.
2.2 Death of God = free to do what you want
2.2.1 Freedom can be a burden but also has the power to liberate individuals from social contraints
3 Gott ist tot
3.1 God is no longer the ultimate basis on which Western culture is based.
3.1.1 Abandonment of religion undermines Western culture, because the world can function well without a divine being.
3.2 Nietzsche's Will to Power could be one reason for claiming the death of God
3.3 All about individuality, no objective realm.
3.4 After the death of God we should rid ourselves of Christian ethics
3.4.1 Notion of sympathy and compassion makes us weak.
4 Substitute ubermensch for God to prevent nihilism and create new values
4.1 We shouldn't be determined by outside forces. Life is for making.
5 Christian belief system is a reaction to life, therefore destructive.
5.1 New values of the ubermensch will be life affirming and creative
5.2 Christian culture is the cause of nihilism
5.3 Religion is born out of fear and need. Death of God removes need of religion.
5.4 Christianity = religion of pity.

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