Animal Classification - Phylums

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Wazzup some lil' phylums my people.

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Animal Classification - Phylums
  1. Phylum Photozoa
    1. Visuals:
      1. Microscopic in size
        1. Unicellular
          1. Def: Any organism that consists of a single cell
          2. Classified by their locomotion
          3. Disease-Caused
            1. Redwater disease
              1. Coccidiosis
                1. Malaria
                  1. Cryptosporidiosis
                    1. Most common: Babesia bovis (Sheep tick)
                  2. Phylum Platyhelminthes
                    1. Tapeworms & Flukes (Flatworms)
                      1. Visuals:
                        1. Symmetrical
                          1. Distinct front and rear end
                            1. No internal body cavity
                              1. Possess 3 cell layers (Triploblastic)
                                1. Flattened dorsoventrally
                                  1. They're hemaphrodites
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