Social Learning

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Social Learning
1 functional compromise to problems associated with both species typical behaviour andindividual learning
1.1 fast trasmission
1.1.1 learning opportunities = information exchange some developmental process that depend on socially mediated learning locale specific behaviours
2 Local enhancement
2.1 attention drawn to some aspect of the environment by an action undertaken there
2.1.1 attentional response to observation that may not have otherwise been seen
3 social facilitation
3.1 presense of model thought to instigate learning on part of the learner
3.1.1 increased group size assoc with increased foraging rates per individual reduced fear, lower vigilance, increased time and energy to foraging, social facilitation through high motivation or a reduction on fear
4 imitation
4.1 learn as a direct result of observation about responses actions patterns of behaviour that a particular outcome has a benefit
4.1.1 most difficult form of social learning must be a new behaviour learned from others new manipulation Enter text here
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